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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Addressing a Pathetic Little Man 

Let me take a moment to address this piece of vile self-aggrandizing bile.

First of all, the SOC website had a statement up shortly after the story broke in which we expressed our shock and dismay at the charges against a high-ranking member of our fan club. If those charges are proven true, and they haven't been but that doesn't stop this worm from spouting his vindictive diatribe, then we support the prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. These charges are disgusting and we were as shocked and appalled as everyone else who has learned about the story.

What this little man doesn't know is how many phone calls I and the senior staff put in to the membership and to our allies in the fandom community. He doesn't know about the many emails of support we have received. I resent the implication that we condone this sort of atrocity because we adamantly condemn this sort of thing.

And while SOC itself has died because of this situation (feel free to party, little man), significant numbers of the membership has expressed a desire to reform the group with new regulations that would prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again. We learn, and we get better. We survive and become stronger.

A little aside about how this guy left the SOC. He did send out messages on every officially sanctioned SOC board he knew of...and they were deleted. But his message did get out. And the results: the membership was glad he left. Those who weren't glad were indifferent to him anyways. That's the legacy of this guy in SOC: an insignificant bore that failed in every capacity to work well with others.

And that is my final word on this subject. Should the little man in question happen to read this, don't bother attempting to gauge me in any sort of dialogue; I'm not interested in wasting my time.

That is all...


Jeez, little man, if all you got is a little misspelling problem, you are smaller than I thought...


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