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Sunday, November 30, 2003


Hey Everybody...I've been enjoying a few days off from blogging so I could come back refreshed and fired up. And it has been effective. The holiday has been a good time for relaxing and recharging...


I spent Thanksgiving with my family up in Dayton. Actually, I was there for about four hours or so...and as usual, with my family that was more than enough! Don't get me wrong, I love my family to death, it is just that there are members of my extended family that I could do without...all families are like that. The food was excellent, the conversation wasn't too bad, and I got to see my nephews a bit.

On the Bookshelf This Week...

Arrogance - Rescuing America from the Media Elite by Bernard Goldberg. I'm just tearing in to this one and like what I have seen so far, but my good friend Mark tells me that there will be some stuff in it that I will not like. We'll just have to see...

West Wing : Season One DVD

Finshed up watching all twenty-two episodes of the first season and the bonus features. Great stuff! Now I gotta go back and watch a few episodes with the commentary tracks...hope they are as good...

Weapons on Mass Discussion

Hasn't Mark done an excellent job the last few days!


Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Wednesday Wackiness 

Fortunately, with the holiday, we got another work week in the can...

Glenn Beck's Real America

Excellent book...I bought it last Friday and finished it on Monday night. I have some issues with him (and who wouldn't!), but I thoroughly enjoyed his book. It gave me a lot of insight into his radio show, his life, and his point of view.

Tonight's Enterprise

An excellent episode...these travel back to now episodes always make me nervous...but I thought this one turned out pretty good actually. We got a few more pieces of what I think the overall story is going to be...a big dream... We shall see...


Friday, November 21, 2003

Friday Fun 

Thank God it is Friday! Looking forward to unwinding at OG with a nice bottle of wine, some good food and excellent companionship...

Book: A National Party No More: Confessions of a Conservative Democrat

I finally finished Senator Zell Miller's book and what can I say but WOW. While I don't agree with him on every point, he surely exposes the problem that the Democrats face with all the simplicity and directness that the Democrats should need to figure it out. But, like Zell himself, I doubt that they will do what needs to be done. Which is good for Republicans...and definately good for the President. Looks like four more years!

Book: SCAM by Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen

I've been reading a LOT lately! I finished this one earlier but liked it so well that I had to mention it. Petersen nails it dead on by exposing the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan, Sharpton, et. al... What I found so refreshing is that I got to read a conservative viewpoint from the black perspective. I didn't agree with everything (Petersen's view on the role of women is pretty disturbing to me, but am hoping to get some other opinions on the book before really commenting on it further), but found it quite refreshing at any rate.

Long Time No Hear

Earlier in the week I traded a few emails with a former co-worker for whom I had some pretty strong feelings for...and everytime she drops in to my life, my heart actually leaps even though I know it is pointless to even think about it. Even if she weren't in California these days it just wouldn't work...although I would really dig it if it would...ah well, better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all...or some other such stuff.

All The News That's Fit To Print...

Until next time...


Thursday, November 20, 2003

Thursday Roundup 

Well, this is the week for West Wing: Season One and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Special/Extended Edition on DVD...still working my way through Indiana Jones at this point...

Enterprise Sends in the Clones

Sorry...I couldn't help it...

This episode was better than last week's "we forgot we're fighting a war" romp in the wild West, but I still can't help but feel that this show is losing its direction again.

West Wing - Stephen Culp Can Do ANYTHING

Mr. Culp was back for another shot to play the Speaker of the House. In this episode, President Bartlett shuts down the federal government over a budget dispute and naturally it is a Republican's fault. The resolution of the episode was good in that the President and the Speaker worked it out, but the "Republicans Are Evil Campaign" continue...when will the producers of this show realize what they are doing? It really is a well done show, even with Martin Sheen's well-known political views getting in the way...


Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The Mid-Week Update 

Well, the remodeling is done here at work. The new cube farm has some advantages and disadvantages...no surprise there. It does LOOK better, but the functionality of the new setup leaves a bit to be desired. The cool thing is that we got some 17" flat panel monitors instead of the old CRTs...


The "Let's Forget We're In A War And Go To The Old West" episode from last week lacked imagination and purpose. Stick to the story arc Mr. Berman. This stuff is not going to help the cause...


Another good episode last night. the show looks like it is starting to come together a bit...just enough humor to keep it going and serious enough issues to keep me interested. Plus, I like any chance to see those old Hunt For Red October clips again...

Cincinnati Reds Narrow Manager Search to Four

Reds general manager Dan O'Brien doesn't use the buddy system when putting together his staff. In fact, he goes the opposite way. That was evident when he revealed his list of finalists for Reds manager.

None of the finalists - Reds interim manager Dave Miley, former Chicago White Sox manager Jerry Manuel, Tampa Bay bench coach John McLaren or Pittsburgh player development director Brian Graham - has any history with O'Brien.

Get the rest of the story including bios from the Cincinnati Enquirer via Cincinnati.com.

Bring on the mediocrity...it is confirmed...this franchise is in trouble. None of these guys are deserving of taking the helm of this ball club. Might as well stay with Miley with THIS collection of has beens and never will bes.


Sunday, November 16, 2003

Mail Call DVD 

Watched the Best of Season One of History Channel's Mail Call. I love this show and have to agree that the episodes on this disk were indeed the best of the season. Great stuff! I highly recommend it for those who like "war stuff." Actor and former Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey answer viewers questions about miltary gear, garb, strategy and tradition. Drop and give me twenty! Go out and get it, maggot! Semper Fi...Carry on...


Mattrix Reblogged Upgrade 

Comments section is up and running. For my disclaimer on what is and is not acceptable, read the posting on the Comments Upgrade to Weapons of Mass Discussion.

I thank you for your support and encourage positive interaction.


Thursday, November 13, 2003

Remodelling Continues 

I won't be posting much the rest of this week as I am working from a remote location. Mark will be taking the lead at WMD...hopefully things will be back to normal shortly...


Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Another Day in Paradise 

Had an altercation on the phone with some IBMer who doesn't normally deal with me in which he tried to blame ME for a shipment that was supposed to arrive today but that the carrier apparently failed to deliver. I say apparently because when I ran the tracking numbers all the packages showed as having been delivered an hour prior to my conversation with this arrogant waste of human flesh.

I love this job...I really do.

Battlestar Galactica DVDs

The end is near! Only two episodes left to go... Really, a great series, but it was much better when the main "enemy" was the Cylons and not the monster of the week.

Indiana Jones DVDs

Next on the pile...

Dances With Wolves: Special Edition DVD

Still on the pile... I gotta make some time for this one at some point. I've had it for quite some time now...

Veterans Day Shout Out

A very special thank you from me to all who have worn the uniform of our armed forces. I appreciate your courage, hard work, and dedication to and for our country which we all love so very much.


Friday, November 07, 2003

Political Retribution 

My Friends,

Today I address you with a heavy heart and a worried soul. The current status of political discourse in this country has hit a low so low that I have had it with trying... It is no longer a question of who you think is doing a good job or what policy isn't working. Now it is all about namecalling and strategies to grab power. A person's integrity isn't enough anymore, so it would appear. The smear campaigns done as PR pieces or commentary are out of control.

I have no problem with people who have a different point of view from me. What I do have a problem with is people who attack others while victimizing themselves. I have a problem with those who engage in personal attacks, not to engage the issues (because, let's be honest, if it were about the issues, it would be about the issues), but rather to be mean, cruel and insensitive.

I have had it with fake documentaries, hatchet jobs, and slander. I'm done taking it from those who seek to make people look bad by taking things out of context; or worse, just plain making stuff up.

Liberals wonder why those in the middle are running away from them. Take a look at the hysterical reaction to Howard Dean's Confederate flag comments. First, Dean shouldn't stereotype people he wants to vote for him. Secondly, the other eight fools shouldn't either. And the fake indignation is outrageous. John Edwards looked like he was doing a high school drama and struggling with his lines.

Zell Miller is one of the few Democrats in office with any kind of intellectual honesty. I look forward to reading his book...it will be refreshing to hear a Democrat with integrity.

Am I losing it? Have I finally gone off the deep end? I'm a centrist with conservative leanings. I'm the guy these Democrats should be RECRUITING... I can not help but be offended by these guys and their rhetoric.

Today, I announce my full support for President George W. Bush. I will join the team and place my full support behind the man who has taken action to defend freedom from tyranny. I will actively endorse the president in his bid for re-election. My mind has been made up!

Now, who has a problem with that?


Thursday, November 06, 2003

The Mid-Week Update 

I enjoyed a day off yesterday...but have come back to some remodelling going on at the office. Why don't managers understand that this stuff should happen over weekends?

The Matrix: Revolutions

Great movie and a fantastic conclusion to the franchise! If you haven't seen it yet, go...right now...


Finally caught an episode...What is going on with Tom Quinn??? Has dude lost it? Is he on some uber-secret mission? I dunno, but I definately want to see what happens next!

Reds OF Dernell Stenson

What a tragedy! I'm at a loss for words...to get killed at the prime of your life for a car...

That's All I Got For Now...

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Election Day 

Go Vote, people.


And vote with your conscience, not just for the party. Whichever party that might be. Do what you think is right for you city, state, and country.

If you don't vote, you can't complain.



Monday, November 03, 2003

Weapons of Mass Descussion 

Come check out Mark G. and I's political and current events site.

Baseball News 

The Houston Astros traded uber-closer Billy Wagner to the Philadelphia Phillies for starter Brandon Duckworth and Crash Davis (read some player I've never heard of who probably has had a stellar minor league career, but...)

Get the details here.

This is good for Reds fans...Wagner has been a key for the Astros success.

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